Cabinet Illumination is the Hottest Trend This Season: San Diego Kitchen Remodeling Experts Recommend

One of the best ways to accent your newly remodeled kitchen is by using layered lighting effects. Any experienced San Diego kitchen remodeling expert will tell you that an impressive lighting design is one of the key aspects of every modern kitchen. Plan out properly illuminating your kitchen with accent, decorative, ambient and task lighting with various lighting fixtures. You should also consider adding a dimmer switch so that you can control the ambience yourself.

But while most people focus on hanging lights, many neglect the fact that the most prominent elements of the kitchen – the cabinets – can vastly benefit from proper illumination. The cabinets are not only significant because they provide the storage space, they surround the main areas of the kitchen and are the focal point of this room. Proper illumination of these elements can do wonders for setting up the mood in the kitchen.

Underneath the Cabinets

Lighting fixtures placed under the hanging cabinets are a crucial element of a kitchen design as they can function both as ambient and task lighting. For example, you can benefit from having them while you are reading and preparing your favorite recipes. There are a few different types of lighting fixtures you could consider:

Pluck fixtures –their lighting is better directed and can be easily adjusted.

Lighting Strings – they give away a softer light.

Lighting Bar – it is significantly brighter and can cover larger areas.

When you install these fixtures, make sure that the only thing you can see is the light and not the fixtures themselves. The best option for these lighting features are LED lights, as they last longer and are environmentally friendly.

Illuminating the Insides of the Cabinets

Similar to the previous type, illumination inside the cabinets can serve multiple purposes. It can double both as decorative and functional lighting. If the cabinet doors are made of glass, adding accent lighting illuminating that fabulous china set or your precious glassware will add a classy note to your kitchen design. The lighting inside the cabinets can also help you with some inaccessible storage units. For example, it could help ease the access to the corner cabinets by illuminating their contents.

Above the Cabinets

This type of lighting fixtures can be installed on top of wall cabinets that do not reach the ceiling. Their purpose is mainly to provide ambient light. While they may be useful at night, they are mostly there for the mood, as they provide a warm light that bathes the ceiling and the walls. Since ambience is their main purpose, LED bulbs are the best choice for this type of lighting fixtures. LED lights cost significantly less and you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Toe Lights

Lighting fixtures at the bottom of your lower cabinets might seem like an uncommon choice, but they do wonders for the ambience. They radiate a warm glow that not only looks great but can also be very useful at night. Furthermore, you can install a sensor so that they only turn on when someone walks into the kitchen and past the sensors. This futuristic experience of your path being illuminated as you walk is sure to impress your guests.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

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