Adorable Piece-OF-Cake Holiday Decorations

Halloween was just a warm-up. Holidays are coming and while we are waiting for them we might as well jump on the decoration bandwagon and show off our creativity. If you don’t think you are especially handy at this or you don’t think you have time, this article will prove you wrong. Here are some ideas that are bound to sprinkle some holiday magic in your home without requiring a lot of time or any special skill.


If you have vintage ornaments, that’s even better. If not, don’t worry, new ones will look great too. The colors and varieties are up to your taste, but do try to have some plain ones besides those with decorative elements. And it’s always good to have various sizes to add to the rhythm.

Make a display. Take a cake stand and decorate it with a couple of leaves, on top of which you’ll put some ornaments of your choice. Be playful! Make this your centerpiece or put it on some corner position to bring some play everywhere.

Decorate the banister. Tie some grosgrain ribbon round the banister. You’ll also need thin ribbon in a different color for the ornaments. Tie the ornaments on the wide ribbon along the banister. For a dynamic effect, make the lengths different.

Suspend them. Hang the ornaments on ribbons of different colors and hang them from the ceiling or some other place in clusters.

Make a wacky curtain. Choose whether you want to have a window curtain or a door curtain and fit a tension rod in the frame. Cut up a few lengths of ribbon (each should be a foot or two longer than the desired length of the curtain). Tie ornaments of various colors, shapes and sizes along the ribbons staggering them and tie the ribbons to the rod.

Personalize them. Get some clear glass orbs at the local craft store and fill them with what you like – pine needles, sweets, glitter or trinkets.


Use bells for their sound or a visual effect.

Make them jingle. Take a few bells and tie a piece of ribbon to each of them. Cluster them and tie them round the front door knob, so when someone enters your house, they jingle.

Put them in the center. Make an easy-peasy centerpiece by placing shiny silver bells of various sizes in a glass bowl or fill a snifter with them.

Plain greenery

Real or artificial, (ever)greenery always looks charming and woodsy.

Put it round the doorways. Decorate door frames with plain greenery to make the whole place more inviting and fairy-taley.

Decorate the banister. This is super easy and smells fantastic the whole time during the holidays. Place greenery along the banister and fasten it with some wide grosgrain ribbon going round it. Make sure some greenery is left to fall gently to the floor at the bottom of the stairs. The best greenery for this is thick and heavy, not the one where you can see the branches and twigs very clearly.

Make cute centerpieces. You can take some real greenery or plastic one, and place it in clear glass jars or vases. A caveat is to decorate the bough with a ribbon bow or some ornaments beforehand.


Is there a clearer holiday symbol than a wreath? If you’d like to spice up the traditional wreath, you can go for different things.

Spray it slightly white. Buy some can spray and lightly spray the wreath. Try to apply some variation, so that there isn’t a thick coat of paint spread evenly – it will look more natural and snow-kissed.

Decorate it. This works best with simple wreaths, such as pinecone ones. Hang a couple of Christmas tree ornaments on it.

A wish-card wreath. An unadorned twig wreath or a plain wreath are perfect for this. You can ask family members to write their wishes for the upcoming year on small cards and then stick them into the wreath. If you have a party, ask your guests to do this and make sure you place the blank cards and some markers close by.

To make it easier for the cards to stay in place you can wrap some unassuming, relatively thin rope around the wreath.

A homemade citrus wreath. This will also smell heavenly. You’ll need some circular florist’s foam and florist’s picks. First secure bigger fruits, such as oranges, using the picks. Then add clementines, limes and kumquats. Use thick ribbon to tie the wreath.

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