Cabinet Illumination is the Hottest Trend This Season: San Diego Kitchen Remodeling Experts Recommend

One of the best ways to accent your newly remodeled kitchen is by using layered lighting effects. Any experienced San Diego kitchen remodeling expert will tell you that an impressive lighting design is one of the key aspects of every modern kitchen. Plan out properly illuminating your kitchen with accent, decorative, ambient and task lighting with various lighting fixtures. You should also consider adding a dimmer switch so that you can control the ambience yourself.

But while most people focus on hanging lights, many neglect the fact that the most prominent elements of the kitchen – the cabinets – can vastly benefit from proper illumination. The cabinets are not only significant because they provide the storage space, they surround the main areas of the kitchen and are the focal point of this room. Proper illumination of these elements can do wonders for setting up the mood in the kitchen.

Underneath the Cabinets

Lighting fixtures placed under the hanging cabinets are a crucial element of a kitchen design as they can function both as ambient and task lighting. For example, you can benefit from having them while you are reading and preparing your favorite recipes. There are a few different types of lighting fixtures you could consider:

Pluck fixtures –their lighting is better directed and can be easily adjusted.

Lighting Strings – they give away a softer light.

Lighting Bar – it is significantly brighter and can cover larger areas.

When you install these fixtures, make sure that the only thing you can see is the light and not the fixtures themselves. The best option for these lighting features are LED lights, as they last longer and are environmentally friendly.

Illuminating the Insides of the Cabinets

Similar to the previous type, illumination inside the cabinets can serve multiple purposes. It can double both as decorative and functional lighting. If the cabinet doors are made of glass, adding accent lighting illuminating that fabulous china set or your precious glassware will add a classy note to your kitchen design. The lighting inside the cabinets can also help you with some inaccessible storage units. For example, it could help ease the access to the corner cabinets by illuminating their contents.

Above the Cabinets

This type of lighting fixtures can be installed on top of wall cabinets that do not reach the ceiling. Their purpose is mainly to provide ambient light. While they may be useful at night, they are mostly there for the mood, as they provide a warm light that bathes the ceiling and the walls. Since ambience is their main purpose, LED bulbs are the best choice for this type of lighting fixtures. LED lights cost significantly less and you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Toe Lights

Lighting fixtures at the bottom of your lower cabinets might seem like an uncommon choice, but they do wonders for the ambience. They radiate a warm glow that not only looks great but can also be very useful at night. Furthermore, you can install a sensor so that they only turn on when someone walks into the kitchen and past the sensors. This futuristic experience of your path being illuminated as you walk is sure to impress your guests.

Expert Kitchen Remodeling in San Diego

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Think Before You Cook Up A Kitchen Remodel

There are innumerable ways in which you can go about your kitchen remodel. Of course you should go for your dream kitchen, but think about these things before you take the old one down. If you go through these considerations before things get in full swing, you are much less likely to end up disappointed.

Prudent budget

What kitchen would actually work best for you? A low- or a high-end one? Or something in the middle? Calculate how much you can spend so that you don’t go in over your head.

Neighborhood comparables should keep you from spending too much or too little. Why don’t you have a look at the properties for sale near your home? That should give you an insight that will stop you from making a bad investment.

Keep things match

Don’t try to have an identity overhaul in your kitchen. It may be surprising, but it’s true that all homes and buildings are built in a certain style. Try to build on it, not work against it. It will be easier and much more affordable to work with the style you got. Otherwise, you might end up shelling out a huge amount of money for a kitchen that looks as if it doesn’t belong in your home.

Don’t move the plumbing too much

Re-piping and rerouting plumbing take time and finances. If you can work your way around it you’ll save a pretty penny. This especially holds true for older homes.

Floor plan is important

If you plan to introduce some big changes and move appliances around, never lose the floor plan out of sight. Any changes of such kind should improve the traffic lanes, not hinder them.

The three most important traffic points are the stove, the fridge and the sink. They should be placed in such a way that makes it easy to get around. Also, the sink and the dishwasher should be next to each other, for example.

If you are considering an island, think whether you have enough space. If you get an island, but it just makes you run in circles around the place, you didn’t achieve much.

You could keep the cabinets

Cabinets are one of the major items that are replaced in a remodel. However, if your cabinets are in good working order and made of high-quality materials, don’t take the hammer to them. You could treat them with some cosmetics instead like repainting, relaminating the fronts and sides or adding some doors.

Be careful not to repaint the cabinets yourself. Trust us when we say you cannot achieve the factory-like look with hardware spray paint.

Don’t pinch pennies on new hardware

Door hardware is a nice touch that can bring together the whole design. It’s like jewelry or accessories – it’s the detail that makes all the elements work. It’s also nice to replace hinges with new ones – it sounds boring and irrelevant, but it will refresh your cabinets.

Match the appliances

It would be wise and nice to have the same brand when it comes to choosing appliances in your kitchen. Manufacturers have started creating matching sets for very good prices. That way your kitchen can look designer-like for way less money.

Include sinks and fixtures in the budget plans

This is a kitchen we are talking about here, so having a great faucet is a necessity, not a whim. Go for highly functional ones that have a detachable end or pull-out attachments.

Ask kitchen designers in San Diego for help

Check out blogs – the Internet is chock-full with free resources like this. And it would be good to consult professionals. If you really want to make a wise investment that will improve your daily experience in the kitchen and in a way improve your quality of life and enjoyment at home, getting professional help is very reasonable.

The kitchen designers at Budget Bath & Kitchen are always ready to help you with your kitchen remodel. Our vast knowledge and extensive experience are sure to help you with cooking up your new kitchen. Call us today and find out how we can assist you in making your home more enjoyable to you!

Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Even small bathrooms can feel big enough. If you think you need an extra bathroom, but there isn’t a lot of space, it’s better to squeeze one in rather than skip it. Small bathrooms are a design challenge and an adventure. With a few simple tricks, your small bathroom could feel every bit as cozy as a big one.


A corner sink will save a lot of space and make more space for traffic.

Pedestal sinks with one shelf will provide you some storage room (for toilet paper or towels, for example), but it will still free up the space for more movement.

A trough sink can look very sleek and keep a low profile. It’s even better if it is wall-mounted.


One trick is to make them float so they free up some room for feet and maybe storing some small items.

It would also be wise to make vanities round because in a small space it can be tough to get around and avoid all the sharp edges and corners. This could save your hips and toes some bruises!


If you mount the faucet on the wall, you can go for a narrower sink and vanity, which means – more space! It’s also very trendy.


It is common knowledge that mirrors have an expanding effect on spaces, so a big statement mirror will trick the eye into feeling the bathroom bigger. Plus, that way two people can use the bathroom at the same time. Every little helps when you are pressed for space.


A wood or stone counter can extend over the toilet, for example. It doesn’t affect the toilet and it gives you some inches of storage space (for toilet paper, towels or maybe some candles, a book or whatever you like).


You can definitely gain some space if you ditch the shower door. Instead, you can go for a shower curtain or a glass panel that covers half of the shower. Most of the water will be kept inside the shower and the space will feel less tight.

Think about a shower bath – this combination can actually fit in small spaces.

Towel bars

Towel bars can fit very neatly on the door or the shower glass. It will allow you to have one towel nearby even though you’ll probably have to store the bulk of them in the linen closet.


Monochromatic bright color design is recommended for the expanding effect. Go for the continuous look and avoid intricate tiles or patterns. However, a large-scale pattern like very wide stripes could actually make a tiny bathroom feel spacious.

San Diego remodel

If you would like to make some changes in your bathroom and you live in the San Diego County, make sure you consider Budget Bath & Kitchen for your San Diego remodel. We would be delighted to show you how your bathroom can be remodeled to be more enjoyable and functional for you. Call us today and get a free quote!

Coolest Bathroom Trends

If you are lost for remodeling ideas for your bathroom, we hope these trends will give you an insight into what is hip these days. The general trend is, according to National Bath And Kitchen Association, a shift toward clean, sleek, contemporary look. The rustic charm is here to stay, but as an integral part of clean modern glamor.

A look at the floor

Floor is the place where homeowners can show off their creativity and boldness. It can be the spot that stands out unique and connects all the other elements with a daring choice of tiles and colors. You can go for a wild tile shape or a mosaic or vibrant colors.

Grout is a design element

Grout can be an exciting detail when done properly – don’t leave it out of your plans. Going for a matching color grout will give the bathroom a continuous appearance, but if you go for an intricate tile design, contrasting grout can really make the colors come together and pop.

If you go for a single color tile, the grout can be one shade darker or lighter, to give the tiles more edge and crispness.

Gray is the new white

At the risk of repeating something you already know, gray has become very hot. Different shades of gray can nicely complement your bathroom and give accents in just the right places. One of the reasons behind its popularity is that it’s very flexible in color and material combinations.

The right lighting

A good lighting choice will never go out of style. Bright lights will give your bathroom a modern feel, whereas soft light will bring spa to mind. Think carefully where you want light to go – it will also factor in building the bathroom space. And make sure to think about lighting from the start, before you make the final holes.

Plenty of shower room

Showers have grown, and homeowners are now enjoying huge floor-to-ceiling walk-in showers. The best tile choice is ceramic or porcelain as they absorb least water.

Stand-alone bathtubs

This is completely contrary to the previous paragraph, but freestanding bathtubs are now extremely popular. More and more people want to indulge in a full soak and spa-like relaxation, rather than have huge showers.

They have also become the gravitational center, as the bathroom revolves around them, which affects the atmosphere and the movement.

A touch of nature

Natural elements are highly desirable – go for wood and stone. They bring a sense of connectedness and harmony. Rugged-looking wood is very hot.

Living walls are also gaining in popularity. The plants will enjoy the water and moisture and you will enjoy a sense of well-being.

Sustainability is a do

If you like the idea of making your bathroom more natural, you’ll be interested to know that it’s trendy to have recycled, reclaimed and upcycled items in your bathroom. You breathe a new life into the aged feel with modern colors.

Of course, there are other areas where you can contribute to the environmental awareness of your bathroom – you can have a slow-flow shower head and toilet, a tankless water heater, gray water system, etc. LEDs will also make for a more eco-friendly lighting option.

Are you looking to remodel in San Diego?

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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends

According to 2015 Cost Vs. Value Report, carried out by Remodeling magazine and Realtor magazine, kitchen remodels are among the top home improvements that will give you bang for the buck if you ever decide to sell your home. Another thing the report says is that lower-cost projects recoup more.

Here is a list of hot trends that can improve your kitchen’s functionality, enhance the aesthetics and increase the resell value of your place.

Environmentally friendly upgrades

Around one half of homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel say they are interested in making their kitchen “greener”.

These features include eco-friendly building materials (e.g. without VOCs), using more natural materials like glass and wood instead of plastic for kitchenware, and of course, getting appliances with energy stars.

Professional-range features

Homeowners seem to be dreaming of having really cool, professional stoves like a flat griddle one or one that allows a wok.

Other cooking bells and whistles such as convection ovens, warming drawers, induction cooktops and wine refrigerators appear to have fallen out of fashion.

Tile backsplashes

Tiles top the wish list for backsplashes, while other materials like marble and stone slabs are way below. Tiles allow homeowners to be color-creative, because that’s not such a prominent place. But, the tricky thing is backsplashes are like a date stamp, so they should be wisely chosen.

Granite countertops

Yes, granite is still the king. Countertops seem to be the one thing all homeowners wish to change when they decide to do remodeling. Another popular material is quartz. Marble and tile are left behind.

Quartz is actually a very forgiving and low-maintenance material, which is why it’s gaining in popularity. It’s not prone to staining nor scratching and you don’t have to be particularly careful about what you can put on it.


Islands can be very attractive if the kitchen has enough room and the configuration is suitable. An island only works if it’s functional, makes people get together and gives them space to be creative in the kitchen. It’s completely wrong if it limits the movement and traffic or blocks certain parts.

White cabinetry

Yeah, clean and crisp white is back. It brings light into kitchen and inspires it with beauty and elegance. We’re not talking just snow-white, but off-white as well.


Some say gray is the new beige. They have rocketed in popularity over the past years – not really sterile grays, but more earthy shades.

Stainless steel

The majority of homeowners go for stainless steel appliances still. It fits in with the minimal functional look. It’s also trendy to integrate appliances into cabinetry, while the least popular option is to have white or color appliances.

Hardwood floors

Back to the nature is the choice for floors, but tiles are second in the ranking. However, linoleum and concrete have completely fallen from grace.

Transitional style

If you opt for a mixture of old and modern, you’ll be in fashion for time to come. This trend has only continued to gain traction.

Any moral?

People want functional, clean and easy kitchens.

While it is true you are doing the remodeling according to you taste, keep in mind that you should be forward thinking. Be flexible to your conditions and keep in mind that you might want to stop living there one day, so the remodeling is also for that future. And always carefully assess whether trends work for you – otherwise they’ll give you more headache than reward.

Remodeling San Diego

Budget Bath & Kitchen is your local remodeling company in San Diego, which stands for premium workmanship, expert knowledge and top-quality resources. If you are thinking how you can improve your home to reflect your lifestyle and preferences, we’d be more than happy to help you with those consideration. Feel free to call us today!

Budget Bath Remodel Tips

Sure it’s nice to be able to splurge on bathroom remodel, but it’s far from necessary. You don’t need to shell out loads of money to get stylish expensive-looking results. Doing your bathroom remodel on a budget pays off most if you keep future in mind and go for solutions that will serve you well down the road. That also means you should head for the transitional style – a balance between classic and contemporary, something cleaner than traditional, but not clinically minimalistic.

Consistent metal finishes will definitely give your bathroom the upscale feel. Don’t get worked up about the same product line for all the elements. This is where you could pinch some pennies if you go for the classic chrome fixtures. They also seem retro to younger generations and they are much more affordable than antique metal, which is now all the rage.

A remodeling strategy will help your budget greatly. It will be wise to know which investments give you best value for money and the biggest return on investment. What’s the return? Enhanced aesthetics, increased comfort and adding resale value to your home.

What is a valuable investment

Mirrors are fantastic at adding virtual square feet to your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a large mirror, not just a medicine cabinet one, will make your bathroom feel more spacious. Think about a mirrored wall.

Varied lighting also influences the way you perceive the bathroom. It also adds to the high-end atmosphere. LED lights have the longest lifespan and they are the most pleasant to the eye. Think about adding flexible tube lighting around the cabinet, which can come with mirror and ceiling fixtures to add options. Lighting under the cabinet can bring a spark to the sink spaces. Finally, if you like spas, a heat lamp can give you some relaxation benefits, even though it’s not mainly a source of light.

A good showerhead is part of the essence of a comfy bathroom. You can go for the indulgent rain jets or if you’d like an ecologically-friendly option, there are low-flow showerheads that save water without pressure dropping. However, before you invest in a good showerhead, bear in mind that water quality can influence the showerhead’s lifespan significantly. If the home is supplied with untreated well water or if the water is known to be hard, a water treatment system should be your primary concern.

If you are planning to replace the flooring, give some consideration to radiant floor heating. It can be hydronic or electric and it’s relatively inexpensive. It feels great to the feet and adds to the overall comfort. Radiant towel heaters are also a good idea and both options would make your bathroom warmer, more pleasant and safer from mold and mildew, which like cold damp spaces.

Budget bath remodel in San Diego County

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Adorable Piece-OF-Cake Holiday Decorations

Halloween was just a warm-up. Holidays are coming and while we are waiting for them we might as well jump on the decoration bandwagon and show off our creativity. If you don’t think you are especially handy at this or you don’t think you have time, this article will prove you wrong. Here are some ideas that are bound to sprinkle some holiday magic in your home without requiring a lot of time or any special skill.


If you have vintage ornaments, that’s even better. If not, don’t worry, new ones will look great too. The colors and varieties are up to your taste, but do try to have some plain ones besides those with decorative elements. And it’s always good to have various sizes to add to the rhythm.

Make a display. Take a cake stand and decorate it with a couple of leaves, on top of which you’ll put some ornaments of your choice. Be playful! Make this your centerpiece or put it on some corner position to bring some play everywhere.

Decorate the banister. Tie some grosgrain ribbon round the banister. You’ll also need thin ribbon in a different color for the ornaments. Tie the ornaments on the wide ribbon along the banister. For a dynamic effect, make the lengths different.

Suspend them. Hang the ornaments on ribbons of different colors and hang them from the ceiling or some other place in clusters.

Make a wacky curtain. Choose whether you want to have a window curtain or a door curtain and fit a tension rod in the frame. Cut up a few lengths of ribbon (each should be a foot or two longer than the desired length of the curtain). Tie ornaments of various colors, shapes and sizes along the ribbons staggering them and tie the ribbons to the rod.

Personalize them. Get some clear glass orbs at the local craft store and fill them with what you like – pine needles, sweets, glitter or trinkets.


Use bells for their sound or a visual effect.

Make them jingle. Take a few bells and tie a piece of ribbon to each of them. Cluster them and tie them round the front door knob, so when someone enters your house, they jingle.

Put them in the center. Make an easy-peasy centerpiece by placing shiny silver bells of various sizes in a glass bowl or fill a snifter with them.

Plain greenery

Real or artificial, (ever)greenery always looks charming and woodsy.

Put it round the doorways. Decorate door frames with plain greenery to make the whole place more inviting and fairy-taley.

Decorate the banister. This is super easy and smells fantastic the whole time during the holidays. Place greenery along the banister and fasten it with some wide grosgrain ribbon going round it. Make sure some greenery is left to fall gently to the floor at the bottom of the stairs. The best greenery for this is thick and heavy, not the one where you can see the branches and twigs very clearly.

Make cute centerpieces. You can take some real greenery or plastic one, and place it in clear glass jars or vases. A caveat is to decorate the bough with a ribbon bow or some ornaments beforehand.


Is there a clearer holiday symbol than a wreath? If you’d like to spice up the traditional wreath, you can go for different things.

Spray it slightly white. Buy some can spray and lightly spray the wreath. Try to apply some variation, so that there isn’t a thick coat of paint spread evenly – it will look more natural and snow-kissed.

Decorate it. This works best with simple wreaths, such as pinecone ones. Hang a couple of Christmas tree ornaments on it.

A wish-card wreath. An unadorned twig wreath or a plain wreath are perfect for this. You can ask family members to write their wishes for the upcoming year on small cards and then stick them into the wreath. If you have a party, ask your guests to do this and make sure you place the blank cards and some markers close by.

To make it easier for the cards to stay in place you can wrap some unassuming, relatively thin rope around the wreath.

A homemade citrus wreath. This will also smell heavenly. You’ll need some circular florist’s foam and florist’s picks. First secure bigger fruits, such as oranges, using the picks. Then add clementines, limes and kumquats. Use thick ribbon to tie the wreath.

Remodeling San Diego

If you had something of a bigger scope in mind for you holiday decorations this year, Budget Bath & Kitchen would be happy to work with you to make your wishes come true. If you would like to do remodeling in San Diego, make sure you contact us. We offer you premium workmanship coupled with top-quality products. Our designers are always in the know about the latest trends, but their experience allows them to come up with solutions perfectly suited to your lifestyle and needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today – we would be delighted to show you how we could make your home yours even more!

March Madness in Your Home

The NFL season just came to a wrap early this month, but other sports are restarting their engines and coming in for a full throttle. As people in the age of technology, we want to try to incorporate as much technology in our homes as possible to not miss a single moment. We all know the big moments in any sports game is crucial and missing out on them is like the one person left out of the loop. However, have no fear because we have some technology for kitchens and bathrooms that will bring the “March madness in your home” to make sure you never miss any moment!



Technology for kitchen and bathroom




Technology for kitchens and bathrooms is not something new in the past couple of years. We are going to start with the gadgets you can incorporate in your next bathroom remodel to spruce things up. One gadget is a tub with a sound system. Underscore VibrAcoustic Bath has created a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows you to listen to just about anything while you soak your troubles away. You can use the speaker when the tub is not filled, or when it is, the sound vibrates through the water as you bathe. Pretty cool right? Other ways to have speakers in your bathroom is to have hidden cabinet speakers. Mirror Cabinets with Sound System created hidden speakers that are wireless, water-resistant, and sound-reflective! Continuing on the speaker technology in kitchen and bath choices, Kohler’s Moxie shower heave provides a wireless speaker that is waterproof, so you can shower and listen to your jams. Honestly, who does not jam out when they are taking a shower? Lastly, we have seen mirror TVs in many jazzed out homes, and what is a bathroom technology blog without mentioning one? Séura makes hidden technology with great design appeal, and being able to watch sports in your bathroom is a huge bonus!








On the other hand, we have kitchen technologies. The technology in a kitchen is essential when you are cooking a feast for people to enjoy while watching sports or even prime time television. We know the essential tablets from Android or Apple have the downloadable apps that allow you to connect to your television network through the internet. Another alternative is Samsung’s wifi enabled refrigerator where it allows the user to make phone calls and the refrigerator allows you to transfer TV programming from other rooms to the refrigerator screen. In addition to kitchen appliances gaining more technology features, in the future look for Whirlpool’s touchscreen cooktop. Whirlpool’s touchscreen cooktop allows for browsing of social media sites and allow you to cook on an induction stove. An induction stove allows for a cooktop to be cool to the touch, because it only heats metal and nothing else. Lastly, an alternative cheaper choice in technology is Bluetooth speakers from brands like Beats, Bose, and many others. You can listen to what you want, and be able to cook that delicious meal.



Technology for kitchen and bathroom



Technology for kitchens and bathrooms is growing each year. We hope some of our suggestions brings for a more technology atmosphere into your bathroom or kitchen. We hope this increases your idea books in what to incorporate in your next remodel.


Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen?

Tis’ the month for green and luck, with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner a great color to think about adding in your space for more than just luck is green. Decorating for holiday’s can be fun! Make sure you’re feeling lucky in the kitchen this spring. Lets talk about the psychology of colors, well the psychology of the color green. Not much to our surprise green is considered a color of health, growth, peacefulness, balance and harmony. These are all wonderful qualities to improve the energy in your kitchen.



There are plenty of ways to incorporate the color green, and don’t forget the various shades and tints of the color that actually can portray different ideas. For instance a dark emerald green is seen as a classy elegant and more expensive tone than simply the color green. Pick the right color to make you start feeling lucky in the kitchen.



So lets get natural and integrate different types of plants. Plants that seem more obvious for the kitchen like herbs. Not only will these herbs give your kitchen some green, but also you’ll be able to use fresh herbs for all your cooking purposes. Start with some basil or even rosemary, these herbs are super practical in cooking and they even have a good aroma. Although they take some maintenance its nothing a little bit of water can’t fix.


Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen


But don’t stop there, there are plenty of other plants you can use, an easy type of plant to care for, succulents. They are a great choice not only because are they are green, but they also come in different colors and you can plant them in almost anything, a glass vase a broken pot, a brick and even just make it an air plant. Yes, succulents are the easiest of all to keep alive, just a little sunlight and water.



Basically you can incorporate the color green in others ways besides plants, using St. Patrick’s Day decorative towels even appliances like a green toaster. Using decorative wish wear is another easy way to add character and design. The idea is to get green in this space not just for peace and harmony, but it’s sure to help you start feeling lucky in the kitchen this month.



Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen

Take a bigger step by throwing some paint on your walls. Since green comes in different shades like we mentioned before you’ll have different options. It doesn’t have to be every wall in you kitchen that could be a little overwhelming. Accents walls are your bestfriend especially when you’re painting with a bold color.



Feeling lucky in the kitchen is the goal and green is the color. Create an environment that’s relaxing and balanced. Add a few herbs for color and cooking, succulents for easy maintenance or even green for decorative accent walls.



Feeling Lucky in the KitchenGet in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit create you to feel lucky in your kitchen with these easy steps. You never know what luck can bring, but we do know what green can do for your kitchen. Everyone can use a little harmony, peace and growth in their life, and to think that by simply adding some green to your kitchen can do all these things and more. What are you waiting for?

Incorporating Bold Colors and Patterns

Making the decision to incorporate bold colors and patterns into your kitchen or bathroom remodel is one that should be done with caution. While bold colors and patterns can add a whole new level of style and energy to your home they can also be a complete disaster if done wrong.


One way to avoid a décor disaster is to do your research on what goes together and how prints, colors and patterns can complement each other. Incorporating bold prints into your kitchen or bathroom has become common place as remodels and home trends become more artistic and inspired. Recently, bold abstract prints have become popular additions to modern décor that many are adopting to bring exciting detail into their home. When choosing to add a bold print, it is important to consider the style of your home, other prints already present, and colors. Incorporating bold colors and prints into any room in your home can be risky but especially in the kitchen or bathroom, two of the most commonly used rooms in any household.


For most, the bathroom is a place that needs to relaxing and refreshing. Bold colors are often better used in the kitchen while bold patterns are great in the bathroom because they are easily paired with simple designs and modest color palettes and even promote a sense of balance. Incorporating bold patterns can be done through shower curtains, tiling in the shower, or other small details that add some extra style to the room. A great way to incorporate bold colors into the bathroom is to choose one that will make you feel at peace or rejuvenated, for a lot of people these colors are often blues and yellows. Many people are hesitant to usebold colors and patterns yellow because it can seem busy, if done right it can bring just enough of an uplifting energy to help you start every morning off right. If you are looking for something more relaxing that will help you to better enjoy your evening bath, a royal or electric blue may be a better choice. While red is a tempting choice, it is generally a color better suited for the kitchen or possibly a laundry room.


Bold colors and patternsIn the kitchen, red is a color often associated with food and does not create anxiety for many like it does in the bathroom. Unlike the bathroom, the kitchen is often a place where families gather to start off their day or come home and bond over the events of the day. Lime greens or vibrant oranges often work well in the kitchen when they are not overdone. Bold patterns can bring a modern touch to your kitchen through a unique backsplash or custom lighting fixtures.


For those who want a simple way to incorporate bold colors or patterns into their kitchen or bathroom, an accent wall is a great way to do so in moderation. The accent wall is a staple in many modern homes because it allows bold colors or patterns to be introduced into a room without being overbearing. An accent wall can be used in bathroom or kitchen remodel in order to breathe life into your design. Bright colors like yellow, green, or orange can be introduced to your remodel through the use of an accent wall which is generally complimented by modern design and simple décor.


Deciding to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel, especially one that features bold colors and prints is a huge step. It is important to always hire a professional for any remodeling project that will be able to provide you with a job you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Budget Bath and Kitchen has a wide variety of products and materials, skilled designers, and experienced technicians that can work together to bring you the one of a kind kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.