Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Even small bathrooms can feel big enough. If you think you need an extra bathroom, but there isn’t a lot of space, it’s better to squeeze one in rather than skip it. Small bathrooms are a design challenge and an adventure. With a few simple tricks, your small bathroom could feel every bit as cozy as a big one.


A corner sink will save a lot of space and make more space for traffic.

Pedestal sinks with one shelf will provide you some storage room (for toilet paper or towels, for example), but it will still free up the space for more movement.

A trough sink can look very sleek and keep a low profile. It’s even better if it is wall-mounted.


One trick is to make them float so they free up some room for feet and maybe storing some small items.

It would also be wise to make vanities round because in a small space it can be tough to get around and avoid all the sharp edges and corners. This could save your hips and toes some bruises!


If you mount the faucet on the wall, you can go for a narrower sink and vanity, which means – more space! It’s also very trendy.


It is common knowledge that mirrors have an expanding effect on spaces, so a big statement mirror will trick the eye into feeling the bathroom bigger. Plus, that way two people can use the bathroom at the same time. Every little helps when you are pressed for space.


A wood or stone counter can extend over the toilet, for example. It doesn’t affect the toilet and it gives you some inches of storage space (for toilet paper, towels or maybe some candles, a book or whatever you like).


You can definitely gain some space if you ditch the shower door. Instead, you can go for a shower curtain or a glass panel that covers half of the shower. Most of the water will be kept inside the shower and the space will feel less tight.

Think about a shower bath – this combination can actually fit in small spaces.

Towel bars

Towel bars can fit very neatly on the door or the shower glass. It will allow you to have one towel nearby even though you’ll probably have to store the bulk of them in the linen closet.


Monochromatic bright color design is recommended for the expanding effect. Go for the continuous look and avoid intricate tiles or patterns. However, a large-scale pattern like very wide stripes could actually make a tiny bathroom feel spacious.

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