Budget Bath Remodel Tips

Sure it’s nice to be able to splurge on bathroom remodel, but it’s far from necessary. You don’t need to shell out loads of money to get stylish expensive-looking results. Doing your bathroom remodel on a budget pays off most if you keep future in mind and go for solutions that will serve you well down the road. That also means you should head for the transitional style – a balance between classic and contemporary, something cleaner than traditional, but not clinically minimalistic.

Consistent metal finishes will definitely give your bathroom the upscale feel. Don’t get worked up about the same product line for all the elements. This is where you could pinch some pennies if you go for the classic chrome fixtures. They also seem retro to younger generations and they are much more affordable than antique metal, which is now all the rage.

A remodeling strategy will help your budget greatly. It will be wise to know which investments give you best value for money and the biggest return on investment. What’s the return? Enhanced aesthetics, increased comfort and adding resale value to your home.

What is a valuable investment

Mirrors are fantastic at adding virtual square feet to your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a large mirror, not just a medicine cabinet one, will make your bathroom feel more spacious. Think about a mirrored wall.

Varied lighting also influences the way you perceive the bathroom. It also adds to the high-end atmosphere. LED lights have the longest lifespan and they are the most pleasant to the eye. Think about adding flexible tube lighting around the cabinet, which can come with mirror and ceiling fixtures to add options. Lighting under the cabinet can bring a spark to the sink spaces. Finally, if you like spas, a heat lamp can give you some relaxation benefits, even though it’s not mainly a source of light.

A good showerhead is part of the essence of a comfy bathroom. You can go for the indulgent rain jets or if you’d like an ecologically-friendly option, there are low-flow showerheads that save water without pressure dropping. However, before you invest in a good showerhead, bear in mind that water quality can influence the showerhead’s lifespan significantly. If the home is supplied with untreated well water or if the water is known to be hard, a water treatment system should be your primary concern.

If you are planning to replace the flooring, give some consideration to radiant floor heating. It can be hydronic or electric and it’s relatively inexpensive. It feels great to the feet and adds to the overall comfort. Radiant towel heaters are also a good idea and both options would make your bathroom warmer, more pleasant and safer from mold and mildew, which like cold damp spaces.

Budget bath remodel in San Diego County

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