Alpine Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

Alpine Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling


Alpine is a mountain community in Southeast San Diego County that has a beautiful rural landscape and is known for being the historical home of many Native American tribes and cultures. Alpine is home to several Native American tribes including the Kumeyaay tribes who are indigenous to the area while the Ewiliaapaayp Band and Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians are headquartered there. Being that it is the headquarters of the Viejas Band, it is also home to Viejas Casino and Resort which is a popular gambling and recreation activity for tourists and locals alike.


In addition to Viejas Casino and Resort, there are many things to do in Alpine such as local dining, shopping, and outdoor activities. For those who like to connect with the outdoors, Alpine offers several lodges to get away from the busy life in the city and is a popular fall and winter destination.


The average home value in Alpine is in the high $400,000’s and has been increasing yearly, it is predicted to continue to do so. The value of homes in Alpine reflects the beautiful location and unique offering of culture and wildlife that the community has to offer. For Alpine home owners looking to list their home on the market, a kitchen or bathroom remodel is a way to ensure that the home holds its listing value and isn’t left on the market longer than desirable.


It is often assumed that remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is an expensive and extensive ordeal that cuts into your family time and will leave you in debt. With Budget Bath and Kitchen that is not the case. At Budget Bath and Kitchen we make remodeling a process you can enjoy and will be able to afford.


Budget Bath and Kitchen has been serving Alpine residents and the greater San Diego County community for three decades and has seen thousands of happy customers fall in love with their kitchen and bathroom remodels. We have designed a refined process that allows the project to move along without a hitch and create a stress free experience for our customers. The process begins when you come to us with your ideas and budget and we allow our designers to create a kitchen or bathroom proposal that fits your specified conditions. Once the proposed design is approved, the fun starts. Before we begin building, you get to sit down with us and choose your products from new fixtures, cabinets, backsplash tiling, to colors. By offering our customers a wide selection of products, we ensure that their bathroom is exactly how they want it to be from top to bottom and every nook and cranny in between.


After the design phase of the process is completed, we will assess the labor and time needed to complete your project and in turn give you a detailed schedule that is reliable for the duration of your project. We believe creating a reliable schedule that our customers can hold us accountable to and plan around is a valuable consideration to guarantee comfort and ease of planning. We know no one wants to be surprised in their bath robe before they’ve had their morning coffee which is why we give them the schedule up front, letting them know who will be in their home when is a courtesy we are happy to extend to our customers. Throughout the entire process, we will make sure we go above and beyond to meet any needs you may have and are always available to address any concerns so that your kitchen or bathroom remodel is perfection. Budget Bath and Kitchen is the remodeling company you can trust to do your Alpine kitchen or bathroom remodel.