North Park Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

North Park Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

North Park is an upbeat, urban neighborhood in central San Diego. Neighbored by Balboa Park and Hillcrest, North Park is becoming a popular place to be. North Park is known for its unique architecture, trendy dining and culinary expertise, boutique style shopping, and beautiful weather. With growing demand for this charming neighborhood, apartments, homes, and duplexes are seeing increasing values. The current average home value in North Park is in the high $400,000’s.


In addition to trendy shopping and dining, North Park is one of the popular night life destinations in San Diego and is becoming more and more popular as it rejuvenates itself with fresh new businesses. North Park’s main street, University Avenue is lined with chic bars and lounges that feature craft beers and cocktails to tailor to the trend sweeping San Diego. Bars in North Park tend to come with a lot of personality from Seven Grand a prohibition inspired lounge to True North an infamous college bar. With close proximity to San Diego State University, North Park is popular among young families and college students alike; North Park is a community that truly has something for everybody.


The architecture in North Park is famous and has historical roots, many of the homes and bungalows being designed by the famous architect David Owen Dryden. Its historical architecture is recently attracting growing attention, even starting guided walking tours through the Dryden Historic District. Its propensity for art is culture beyond its architecture can be seen on every street corner with murals, street art, and art infused shops wherever you look.


Whether you are a new resident to North Park or listing your home on the market, a kitchen or bathroom remodel is something to consider. For those recently acquiring a new home, you may be feeling that the bathroom or kitchen could use some personalization or pizazz. Budget Bath and Kitchen is a local San Diego remodeling company that has been working with North Park residents for thirty years to create unique kitchen and bathroom remodels that capture the trendy spirit of the community and put the customer’s own spin on it. Common themes that intrigue many North Park residents is the use of bold colors, industrial infused restaurants and bars, as well as the vintage undertones all mixed together to give the community its infamous North Park charm. Our designers are experienced and will create a design proposal that will wow you and make you think how you ever lived with the bathroom or kitchen the way it was before. The fun part of a kitchen or bathroom remodel is when you get to choose your materials, products, and colors that will be used to create your masterpiece.


The great part about working with Budget Bath and Kitchen over other remodeling companies is that creating a customized kitchen or bathroom remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. At Budget Bath and Kitchen we will work with the budget you give us to create a North Park bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel that you will love for years to come. As a family owned and operated company, we treat our customers and San Diego community members like family so you will never have to worry about us misleading you with hidden fees, mistakes, or less than perfect craftsmanship. All our technicians have been trained in the latest industry knowledge and techniques so they can give our customers a flawless installation that will withstand years of use. At Budget Bath and Kitchen we know that your home is your most valuable possession which is why we will guarantee that your North Park kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling will be nothing less than perfect and will fit into your home seamlessly.