Rancho Santa Fe Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

Rancho Santa Fe Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling


Ranch Santa Fe is a small community with a population of just a little over 3,000 residents. It is a very expensive community, the fourth most expensive place to live in California with the average home valuing upwards of $2.5 million. It is home to beautifully designed communities on several acres of land and Spanish influenced architecture that was done in the 1920’s. The Covenant is a historically designed community of Rancho Santa Fe that is very exclusive and has been named a California Historical Landmark due to its infamous historical architecture, landscaping, and roads built around the natural landscape of Rancho Santa Fe.


In addition to historical architecture, Rancho Santa Fe has a rich social history. Bing Crosby brought attention to this upscale community in the country of San Diego by buying a ranch and inviting his celebrity friends for golf getaways. His notoriety attracted many to the little known Rancho Santa Fe, especially when he among with a few other investors opened the Del Mar Race Track. His love for Rancho Santa Fe and publicizing of it made Rancho Santa Fe a place many wanted to visit and eventually become residents. This notoriety and celebrity endorsement cemented it as an upper class community. Since then it has been home to influential names such as Bill Gates, Jenny Craig, Bear Grylls, and a wide variety of famous astronauts, professional athletes, Oscar winners, and the like. With its beautiful views, amazing climate and huge properties it is no surprise that it attracts people who could live anywhere in the world they wanted.


Unlike the vast majority of San Diego County, Rancho Santa Fe’s temperatures drop fairly low at night and the community has even seen snow on occasion in previous years due to its higher elevation. East of Solana Beach, another well off community and Encinitas. Its unordinary temperatures in comparison to its neighboring towns and communities can be attributed to its location inland combined with its high elevation.


Rancho Santa Fe is home to several private schools that are known for their premier educational offerings although residents can send their children outside of the community to bordering communities to attend a wide variety of public schools. The small community of Rancho Santa Fe does not require many schools, and in general is not very commercialized only having small blocks of dining and shopping between communities.


Many who move to Rancho Santa Fe do not wish to leave, but some feel pressured due to expanding families or changes in needs. An alternative to moving and leaving behind your beloved home is to invest in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. There is a common misconception that a good bathroom or kitchen remodel must cost you thousands upon tens of thousands of dollars. Budget Bath and Kitchen is here to prove to you that that is not the case. We have been able to prove this thousands of times; don’t just take our word for it many of customers have left public reviews that can be viewed at any time during your decision process. At Budget Bath and Kitchen we know it can be expensive maintaining your acres of property, sending children to school and college, and all of life’s other expenses which is why we specialize in creating beautiful bathroom and kitchen remodels tailored to your budget.


Rancho Santa Fe homes are known for their breathtaking historical architecture; it is important when considering to make alterations to your family home that you hire someone who knows what they are doing and will take the time and consideration to ensure nothing is damaged during an intrusive remodeling process. Budget Bath and Kitchen guarantees that our work and final project will be nothing short of excellence.