Coolest Bathroom Trends

If you are lost for remodeling ideas for your bathroom, we hope these trends will give you an insight into what is hip these days. The general trend is, according to National Bath And Kitchen Association, a shift toward clean, sleek, contemporary look. The rustic charm is here to stay, but as an integral part of clean modern glamor.

A look at the floor

Floor is the place where homeowners can show off their creativity and boldness. It can be the spot that stands out unique and connects all the other elements with a daring choice of tiles and colors. You can go for a wild tile shape or a mosaic or vibrant colors.

Grout is a design element

Grout can be an exciting detail when done properly – don’t leave it out of your plans. Going for a matching color grout will give the bathroom a continuous appearance, but if you go for an intricate tile design, contrasting grout can really make the colors come together and pop.

If you go for a single color tile, the grout can be one shade darker or lighter, to give the tiles more edge and crispness.

Gray is the new white

At the risk of repeating something you already know, gray has become very hot. Different shades of gray can nicely complement your bathroom and give accents in just the right places. One of the reasons behind its popularity is that it’s very flexible in color and material combinations.

The right lighting

A good lighting choice will never go out of style. Bright lights will give your bathroom a modern feel, whereas soft light will bring spa to mind. Think carefully where you want light to go – it will also factor in building the bathroom space. And make sure to think about lighting from the start, before you make the final holes.

Plenty of shower room

Showers have grown, and homeowners are now enjoying huge floor-to-ceiling walk-in showers. The best tile choice is ceramic or porcelain as they absorb least water.

Stand-alone bathtubs

This is completely contrary to the previous paragraph, but freestanding bathtubs are now extremely popular. More and more people want to indulge in a full soak and spa-like relaxation, rather than have huge showers.

They have also become the gravitational center, as the bathroom revolves around them, which affects the atmosphere and the movement.

A touch of nature

Natural elements are highly desirable – go for wood and stone. They bring a sense of connectedness and harmony. Rugged-looking wood is very hot.

Living walls are also gaining in popularity. The plants will enjoy the water and moisture and you will enjoy a sense of well-being.

Sustainability is a do

If you like the idea of making your bathroom more natural, you’ll be interested to know that it’s trendy to have recycled, reclaimed and upcycled items in your bathroom. You breathe a new life into the aged feel with modern colors.

Of course, there are other areas where you can contribute to the environmental awareness of your bathroom – you can have a slow-flow shower head and toilet, a tankless water heater, gray water system, etc. LEDs will also make for a more eco-friendly lighting option.

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