Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen?

Tis’ the month for green and luck, with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner a great color to think about adding in your space for more than just luck is green. Decorating for holiday’s can be fun! Make sure you’re feeling lucky in the kitchen this spring. Lets talk about the psychology of colors, well the psychology of the color green. Not much to our surprise green is considered a color of health, growth, peacefulness, balance and harmony. These are all wonderful qualities to improve the energy in your kitchen.



There are plenty of ways to incorporate the color green, and don’t forget the various shades and tints of the color that actually can portray different ideas. For instance a dark emerald green is seen as a classy elegant and more expensive tone than simply the color green. Pick the right color to make you start feeling lucky in the kitchen.



So lets get natural and integrate different types of plants. Plants that seem more obvious for the kitchen like herbs. Not only will these herbs give your kitchen some green, but also you’ll be able to use fresh herbs for all your cooking purposes. Start with some basil or even rosemary, these herbs are super practical in cooking and they even have a good aroma. Although they take some maintenance its nothing a little bit of water can’t fix.


Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen


But don’t stop there, there are plenty of other plants you can use, an easy type of plant to care for, succulents. They are a great choice not only because are they are green, but they also come in different colors and you can plant them in almost anything, a glass vase a broken pot, a brick and even just make it an air plant. Yes, succulents are the easiest of all to keep alive, just a little sunlight and water.



Basically you can incorporate the color green in others ways besides plants, using St. Patrick’s Day decorative towels even appliances like a green toaster. Using decorative wish wear is another easy way to add character and design. The idea is to get green in this space not just for peace and harmony, but it’s sure to help you start feeling lucky in the kitchen this month.



Feeling Lucky in the Kitchen

Take a bigger step by throwing some paint on your walls. Since green comes in different shades like we mentioned before you’ll have different options. It doesn’t have to be every wall in you kitchen that could be a little overwhelming. Accents walls are your bestfriend especially when you’re painting with a bold color.



Feeling lucky in the kitchen is the goal and green is the color. Create an environment that’s relaxing and balanced. Add a few herbs for color and cooking, succulents for easy maintenance or even green for decorative accent walls.



Feeling Lucky in the KitchenGet in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit create you to feel lucky in your kitchen with these easy steps. You never know what luck can bring, but we do know what green can do for your kitchen. Everyone can use a little harmony, peace and growth in their life, and to think that by simply adding some green to your kitchen can do all these things and more. What are you waiting for?