Incorporating Bold Colors and Patterns

Making the decision to incorporate bold colors and patterns into your kitchen or bathroom remodel is one that should be done with caution. While bold colors and patterns can add a whole new level of style and energy to your home they can also be a complete disaster if done wrong.


One way to avoid a décor disaster is to do your research on what goes together and how prints, colors and patterns can complement each other. Incorporating bold prints into your kitchen or bathroom has become common place as remodels and home trends become more artistic and inspired. Recently, bold abstract prints have become popular additions to modern décor that many are adopting to bring exciting detail into their home. When choosing to add a bold print, it is important to consider the style of your home, other prints already present, and colors. Incorporating bold colors and prints into any room in your home can be risky but especially in the kitchen or bathroom, two of the most commonly used rooms in any household.


For most, the bathroom is a place that needs to relaxing and refreshing. Bold colors are often better used in the kitchen while bold patterns are great in the bathroom because they are easily paired with simple designs and modest color palettes and even promote a sense of balance. Incorporating bold patterns can be done through shower curtains, tiling in the shower, or other small details that add some extra style to the room. A great way to incorporate bold colors into the bathroom is to choose one that will make you feel at peace or rejuvenated, for a lot of people these colors are often blues and yellows. Many people are hesitant to usebold colors and patterns yellow because it can seem busy, if done right it can bring just enough of an uplifting energy to help you start every morning off right. If you are looking for something more relaxing that will help you to better enjoy your evening bath, a royal or electric blue may be a better choice. While red is a tempting choice, it is generally a color better suited for the kitchen or possibly a laundry room.


Bold colors and patternsIn the kitchen, red is a color often associated with food and does not create anxiety for many like it does in the bathroom. Unlike the bathroom, the kitchen is often a place where families gather to start off their day or come home and bond over the events of the day. Lime greens or vibrant oranges often work well in the kitchen when they are not overdone. Bold patterns can bring a modern touch to your kitchen through a unique backsplash or custom lighting fixtures.


For those who want a simple way to incorporate bold colors or patterns into their kitchen or bathroom, an accent wall is a great way to do so in moderation. The accent wall is a staple in many modern homes because it allows bold colors or patterns to be introduced into a room without being overbearing. An accent wall can be used in bathroom or kitchen remodel in order to breathe life into your design. Bright colors like yellow, green, or orange can be introduced to your remodel through the use of an accent wall which is generally complimented by modern design and simple décor.


Deciding to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel, especially one that features bold colors and prints is a huge step. It is important to always hire a professional for any remodeling project that will be able to provide you with a job you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Budget Bath and Kitchen has a wide variety of products and materials, skilled designers, and experienced technicians that can work together to bring you the one of a kind kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.