March Madness in Your Home

The NFL season just came to a wrap early this month, but other sports are restarting their engines and coming in for a full throttle. As people in the age of technology, we want to try to incorporate as much technology in our homes as possible to not miss a single moment. We all know the big moments in any sports game is crucial and missing out on them is like the one person left out of the loop. However, have no fear because we have some technology for kitchens and bathrooms that will bring the “March madness in your home” to make sure you never miss any moment!



Technology for kitchen and bathroom




Technology for kitchens and bathrooms is not something new in the past couple of years. We are going to start with the gadgets you can incorporate in your next bathroom remodel to spruce things up. One gadget is a tub with a sound system. Underscore VibrAcoustic Bath has created a Bluetooth-enabled device that allows you to listen to just about anything while you soak your troubles away. You can use the speaker when the tub is not filled, or when it is, the sound vibrates through the water as you bathe. Pretty cool right? Other ways to have speakers in your bathroom is to have hidden cabinet speakers. Mirror Cabinets with Sound System created hidden speakers that are wireless, water-resistant, and sound-reflective! Continuing on the speaker technology in kitchen and bath choices, Kohler’s Moxie shower heave provides a wireless speaker that is waterproof, so you can shower and listen to your jams. Honestly, who does not jam out when they are taking a shower? Lastly, we have seen mirror TVs in many jazzed out homes, and what is a bathroom technology blog without mentioning one? Séura makes hidden technology with great design appeal, and being able to watch sports in your bathroom is a huge bonus!








On the other hand, we have kitchen technologies. The technology in a kitchen is essential when you are cooking a feast for people to enjoy while watching sports or even prime time television. We know the essential tablets from Android or Apple have the downloadable apps that allow you to connect to your television network through the internet. Another alternative is Samsung’s wifi enabled refrigerator where it allows the user to make phone calls and the refrigerator allows you to transfer TV programming from other rooms to the refrigerator screen. In addition to kitchen appliances gaining more technology features, in the future look for Whirlpool’s touchscreen cooktop. Whirlpool’s touchscreen cooktop allows for browsing of social media sites and allow you to cook on an induction stove. An induction stove allows for a cooktop to be cool to the touch, because it only heats metal and nothing else. Lastly, an alternative cheaper choice in technology is Bluetooth speakers from brands like Beats, Bose, and many others. You can listen to what you want, and be able to cook that delicious meal.



Technology for kitchen and bathroom



Technology for kitchens and bathrooms is growing each year. We hope some of our suggestions brings for a more technology atmosphere into your bathroom or kitchen. We hope this increases your idea books in what to incorporate in your next remodel.


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