Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile has been an asset to Budget Bath & Kitchen projects for decades. In order to produce superior remodel jobs for the San Diego community at a reasonable price, the proper communication and relationships need to be established between companies like Arizona Tile and Budget Bath & Kitchen.


Budget Bath & Kitchen is motivated by more than keeping numbers up. The company has been ingrained and involved in the San Diego community for decades, and is hoping to make its services more and more available to a variety of Arizona Tile san diegodemographics in the area. This means that less expensive contracts need to be worked out, but the quality of the service cannot be compromised. Budget Bath & Kitchen has always taken pride in aligning itself with top brands and companies, and does not want this to change when reaching a wider client base. Adding costs to a product is never a difficulty, but cutting costs without diminishing the quality of service is something that Budget Bath & Kitchen refuses to do. Budget Bath & Kitchen projects are aimed at providing excellence to every project and keeping the price down.


Like Budget Bath & Kitchen, Arizona Tile has a history of success. Started in 1977, AZ Tile began expanding its products and services immediately, so that dealers could utilize AZ Tile in all kinds of projects with a variety of budgets. Specialty tiles range from granite, travertine, onyx, slate, marble, and limestone. Although a top brand, Arizona Tile offers a variety of products and prices to customers looking to save big on their home remodeling projects. These options help clients choose the correct material and tile size to fit their remodeling job perfectly. Every Budget Bath & Kitchen design consultant is knowledgeable of all of Arizona Tile’s products so that the optimal price can be set reached before any purchases are made. With earth tones being so popular in the remodeling industry these days,arizona tile san diego it is not surprising that Arizona Tile is considered one of the best companies in the US for custom flooring. Glass, porcelain, and quartz are also used in some of the backsplashes that Budget Bath & Kitchen completes with the help of Arizona Tile. With hundreds of colors and materials, there are always multiple options for every project.


The customization of Arizona Tile projects is what impressed Budget Bath & Kitchen most when beginning this partnership. With such variety in material, color, size, and price, Arizona Tile products can be tailored to fit in almost any Budget Bath & Kitchen contract. Prices of Arizona Tile products range greatly, based mainly on how rare or foreign the materials are. Italian marbles will obviously cost a significant more than a US quarried quartz, but the strength, durability, and longevity of the materials is comparable. AZ tile will never provide worse products at a cheaper price, only less common materials. Budget Bath & Kitchen is proud to install local and foreign AZ products at affordable prices to all of San Diego.