Granix Tile and Stone

As a top provider of quarried granite, marble, slate, onyx, travertine, and limestone, Granix tile and Stone has proved a young, but trustworthy company for Budget Bath & Kitchen projects in San Diego. Granix opened its doors in 2001 and is currently located out of San Marcos, CA; only a stones throw from Remodel Works in Poway, CA. However, more advantages than proximity are driving the success of this business relationship. By including Granix products in Budget Bath & Kitchen contracts, the price of an installation become more affordable, and the quality of the project is not compromised.


Top-notch flooring can set the tone for an entire room, but can also soar the cost of a project through the roof. Therefore, there is no room for doubt in the design concept or subtle flaws in the execution of the space. Materials cannot be wasted (causing additional costs), nor can an improper amount be ordered. Budget Bath & Kitchen teams are experts at organizing the materials and schedule of contracts in which include Granix products, so that no resources are wasted, and working hours are maximized.


Clients are often surprised at the amount of tile and flooring specialists Budget Bath & Kitchen utilizes. The company (particular Budget Bath and Kitchen) is very adamant about giving customers options, but this does not just mean an array of brand names to choose from. Granix is a direct dealer, and by cutting out any middle man operations, the San Marcos company can cut costs tremendously.


The products that Budget Bath & Kitchen installs, gives the company great pride in their partnership with Granix. With Granix, Budget Bath & Kitchen projects have not only helped Remodel Works grow as a company, but also given the San Diego community more access to the business of Budget Bath & Kitchen. Expanding a client base in not simply about increasing sales and profits, but rather growing and supporting a community from an economic standpoint. Remodeling a home is a costly and time consuming, and an ordeal that many homeowners are not wiling to undergo unless they are sure that the benefits outweigh the costs. With Budget Bath & Kitchen, the excellence of a project is matched by its affordability.


Granix is a company that believes in a one-stop-shop. Any client who has serviced Remodel Works in that past knows that this is exactly what Budget Bath & Kitchen is about: making it unnecessary for clients to look to other companies because of the range in choices and prices that Budget Bath & Kitchen offers. Granix offers stone for inside and outside your home, and the tools and products to maintain and care for any installations. For more information about the growing relationship between Budget Bath & Kitchen, and Granix, you can easily view past projects and materials on the Remodel Works website. Granix has provided Budget Bath & Kitchen’s clients with affordable prices for years. Budget Bath & Kitchen does not want to gain vendors simply to align themselves with famous brands; there is nothing superficial about the company’s professional relationships.