Hydro Systems

Manufactured in California, Hydro Systems prides itself on being an American made company, and Budget Bath & Kitchen enjoys this proximity when shipping products. Hydro Systems Inc. is a whirlpool bathtub company that strives to focus equally on quality and affordable prices. Hydro Systems only uses materials made in the United States, which sets them apart in the industry.


Sustainability and a true respect for the environment is an attribute that Budget Bath & Kitchen looks for in every one of its vendors. This is why Hydro Systems makes a perfect partner company. Although Budget Bath & Kitchen has a high standard when it comes to protecting the environment, Hydro Systems maintains this standard by conserving water and electricity with its products. Hydro Systems prides itself on being an environmentally conscientious organization that does not compromise in any part of their production or installation. Hydro Systems’ commitment to the environment is not limited to simply green products but goes above and beyond. Their “Voluntary Corrugated and Pallet Recycling” program strives to recycle materials and parts in order to prevent the growth of landfills. Hydro Systems instills various similar programs, even altering their manufacturing process to eliminate 99% of their emissions, in order to maintain their commitment to the environment.


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Hydro Systems is a company that believes in a one-stop-shop. Any client who has serviced Budget Bath & Kitchen in that past knows that this is exactly what Budget Bath & Kitchen is about: making it unnecessary for clients to look to other companies because of the range in choices and prices that Budget Bath & Kitchen offers. Hydro Systems whirlpool bathtubs are built with high quality acrylic to ensure that the tubs are heat protected, durable, and made of the highest quality products at a reasonable price. The high quality acrylic used is not only functionally beneficial, but is easy to clean which will make keeping your beautiful new bathroom clean a breeze.  In addition to high quality acrylic, the piping used for the tubs is 100% PVC pipe, which prevents many germ related problems, reducing the need for future labor. For more information about the growing relationship between Budget Bath & Kitchen, and Hydro Systems, you can easily view past projects and materials on the Budget Bath & Kitchen website. Hydro Systems has provided Budget Bath & Kitchen clients with affordable prices for years. Budget Bath & Kitchen does not want to gain vendors simply to align themselves with famous brands; there is nothing superficial about the company’s professional relationships.


Business with Hydro Systems has been beneficial for Budget Bath & Kitchen, and the company is proud to carry products from a company that dedicates themselves so fully to both their products and their practices. By merging beauty, quality, and technology Hydro Systems’ whirlpool bathtubs are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Their commitment to excellence and affordability ties into Budget Bath & Kitchen’s commitment to designing and building exceptional remodels for homes in San Diego. As the centerpiece of most bathrooms, a bathtub must be crafted from the best materials and engineering to guarantee top quality and customer service to each and every client.