Minka Lavery

The Minka Lavery Group© is a leader in the lighting industry, and a strong partner of Budget Bath & Kitchen. The company is proud to offer a range of prices with a single level of quality. Product brands within The Minka Group© include Minka Lavery©, Metropolitan©, Ambiance©, Minak-Aire©, The Great Outdoors©, and George Kovacs©. These top brands are perfect for Minka customers and Budget Bath & Kitchen, because they allow for flexibility in pricing option and room for creativity when designing a project.


Minka lavery san diegoThe lighting of a home determines how well your living space is illuminated, and can often set the tone of a household. Fortunately, Minka offers materials like solid brass, wrought iron, cast aluminum, wood, and resin. Clients are able to mix and match materias to create a perfect blend of colors and materials for their home. Minka products also range from chandeliers, to table lamps, wall scones, floor lamps, mirrors, wall art, and additional lighting accessories.


Installing Minka is a very labor-intensive process that requires a significant amount of care. Minka lighting fixtures are often the highlights of a specific room and thus Budget Bath & Kitchen takes extra care when installing. The exact same steps are taken to avoid any incongruency with the whole project, and every detail is always triple-checked to ensure that no subtleties are overlooked. Budget Bath & Kitchen begins by teaming up design consultants and salespeople with the client to solidify the blueprints of the project and choose every accessory and material. Next, every product is shipped to the Remodel Works warehouse and prepared to arrive at the client’s home. Minka Minka lavery san diegodistribution centers are located in Corona, CA., and Concord, North Carolina. The company guarantees shipping to anywhere in the US within 3 day. This is incredibly helpful for maintaining schedules, and helps prevent dissatisfied clients.


Once the installation process has been fully scheduled and is congruent with the timetable of the client, the Budget Bath & Kitchen team can begin its work. Once the project is finished, with minimal effect on the rest of the client’s home, the installers make sure that everything is pristine and working correctly before leaving the job site. By sticking with a simple and efficient routine, Budget Bath & Kitchen has serviced the San Diego community successfully for years. The products that Budget Bath & Kitchen installs, gives the company great pride in their partnership the lighting industry leader. With Minka, Budget Bath & Kitchen projects have not only helped Budget Bath & Kitchen grow as a company, but also given the San Diego community more access to the business of Budget Bath & Kitchen. Enabling quality lighting appliances to be included in, “budgeted” remodeling jobs, attracts the attention of clients who are looking to keep costs lower, but still afford to quality materials.