Moen is the current industry leader in faucets for sinks and showerheads. Budget Bath & Kitchen trusts Moen products in the majority of remodeling jobs because of the company’s successful past, reliable patents, high quality materials, and affordable prices.


Al Moen invented the single-handled faucet in 1939 after burning his hand in a sink. As an inventor, Al Moen attained seventy-five patents over his forty-five years of work. Although Al Moen has retired, Moen Incorporated has won many awards for its progressive manufacturing and innovation. Throughout their history, Moen has devoted itself to continuing with the mindset of their founder to always strive to, “find a better way”. This mantra reflects the progressive moen san diegothinking that Budget Bath & Kitchen has adopted over its 30 years of being in business. Both Budget Bath & Kitchen and Moen have enjoyed success and high customer satisfaction because of the continued efforts to improve and adapt to customer needs.


The range of versatile products that Moen offers, are capable of upgrading any shower or sink to match different styles and needs. Moen has a variety of finishes to choose from for your faucets that can range from simple to elegant depending on your desires for one’s remodel, and pricing options. Every faucet option Moen offers is beautifully crafted and intricately designed. If you are worried about committing to a bold style, then a model like the Moen “M-Pact” allows you to easily swap out fixtures when your style changes. Versatility in model and design allow Moen to offer a range of top quality products with nearly any pricing option. Customers can finally have the bathroom and kitchen appliances they need at the cost they require.


Moen commits itself to brand excellence by incorporating community outreach into their company values, much like Budget Bath & Kitchen. Founded on a basis of Amish values, Moen focuses on housing, education, and health and human services issues, not a small bite to chew but they participate in several projects for each issue. Budget Bath & moen san diegoKitchen makes the conscious decision to work with companies that choose to be both morally and quality superior to competitors in their market. With a strong focus on moral and ethical policies and a commitment to product excellence, Budget Bath & Kitchen is proud to offer Moen products.


With Moen products on Budget Bath & Kitchen’s shelves, customers have a hard time saying no to the options Budget Bath & Kitchen offers. Expanding a client base in not simply about increasing sales and profits, but rather growing and supporting a community from an economic standpoint. Remodeling a home is a costly and time consuming, and an ordeal that many homeowners are not wiling to undergo unless they are sure that the benefits outweigh the costs. With Budget Bath & Kitchen, the excellence of a project is matched by its affordability.