The beauty of marble is a luxury in bathrooms and kitchens that some clients of Remodel Works think is beyond their budget. However, Budget Bath & Kitchen is aimed at finding the best solutions to decreasing costs in remodeling projects, witout sacrificing top materials like those offered by Piedrafina. It is no surprise that with the rising popularity of natural stone and earth tones in homes across the nation, a company like Peidrafina is so popular a brand. Natural designs and innovative engineering enables Piedrafina to produce perfectly sized and colored marble products for buyers across the US.


The products that Budget Bath & Kitchen installs, gives the company great pride in their partnership the marble industry leader. With Piedrafina, Budget Bath & Kitchen projects have not piedrafina san diegoonly helped Remodel Works grow as a company, but also given the San Diego community more access to the business of Budget Bath & Kitchen. Enabling marble products to be included in, “budgeted” remodeling jobs, attracts the attention of clients who are looking to keep costs lower, but still afford to quality materials.


Budget Bath & Kitchen is proud to give top-notch service but it’s more than just business. Expanding a client base in not simply about increasing sales and profits, but rather growing and supporting a community from an economic standpoint. Remodeling a home is a costly and time consuming, and an ordeal that many homeowners are not wiling to undergo unless they are sure that the benefits outweigh the costs. With Budget Bath & Kitchen, the excellence of a project is matched by its affordability. Additionally, Budget Bath & Kitchen is motivated by more than keeping numbers up. The company has been ingrained and involved in the San Diego community for decades, and is hoping to make its services more and more available to a variety of demographics in the area. This means that less expensive contracts need to be worked out, but the quality of the service cannot be compromised. Budget Bath & Kitchen piedrafina san diegohas always taken pride in aligning itself with top brands and companies, and does not want this to change when reaching a wider client base. Adding costs to a product is never a difficulty, but cutting costs without diminishing the quality of service is something that Budget Bath & Kitchen refuses to do. Budget Bath & Kitchen projects are aimed at providing the Remodel Works excellence to project, and keeping the price down.


Variety is the key when choosing which vendors/products are best for a remodeling job. This is why the options for natural marble (and quartz) offered by Piedrafina are crucial to pleasing customers. Even a hybrid marble is available to clients for a unique, “speckled” marble that has customers in awe.


Your countertops are often the most defining item in every kitchen and bathroom. They set the tone and color of your home, and can drape beautifully over every countertop inch if designed and installed correctly. Piedrafina follows a philosophy that is very similar to Budget Bath & Kitchen: to provide the highest level of service possible as well as the best design and technical assistance available, while maintaining excellent product quality and nationally-competitive pricing. Having a clear mission statement and a high level of excellence has molded Piedrafina into one of Budget Bath & Kitchen’s most treasured vendors.