Schluter Systems

The process of remodeling homes is more advanced, detail-oriented, and technological than it has ever been. Budget Bath & Kitchen is proud to utilize products from Schluter Systems in projects all over the San Diego area. Schluter Systems began in 1966 and has had nearly 50 years of success and innovation in the tiling and flooring industry. The company has multiple patents, and has been expanding their product line since the first Schluter®-SCHIENE in 1975, to the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT of 2014.


Budget Bath & Kitchen takes great pride in their partnership with Schluter Systems. Both companies have benefited from the long-lasting partnership andBudget Bath & Kitchen hopes to strengthen the relationship by utilizing more Schluter Systems products and services in the future. Success and growth define the history and the future of Schluter Systems’s and Budget Bath & Kitchen’s relationship.




Although the incredible technology and advanced flooring options of Schluter Systems may at first seem to be unnecessary costs in an already expensive remodeling project, Budget Bath & Kitchen is focused on keeping costs low in every stage of the process, without sacrificing any quality. Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT is an example of an affordable product that Schluter Systems offers. Installing this type of unit in a home enables electric uncoupling membrane technology to heat flooring in a customizable pattern while protecting tiles from cracking and grout.


Schluter Systems provides drainage solutions, tile laminates, showerproofing, and more. The company offers variety at affordable prices, which is why Budget Bath & Kitchen is so confident in the installation of Schluter products. Sustainability and a true respect for the environment is an attribute that Budget Bath & Kitchen looks for in every one of its vendors. This is why Schluter Systems makes a perfect partner company. Although Budget Bath & Kitchen has a high standard when it comes to protecting the environment, Schluter Systems maintains this standard by conserving water and electricity with its products. Schluter Systems makes sure that it’s custom floor tiles are completely sealed and properly installed so that mold and water pooling will never be an issue. Thanks to the innovation and advanced technology of Schluter Systems Budget Bath & Kitchen is able to provide the newest and best service to San Diego, at prices that a growing number of households can afford.