Innovation at Sentrel has pushed the company to the front of the bathroom appliances industry in the recent years, and Budget Bath & Kitchen proudly services top Sentrel products to he San Diego community because of this. Brand Name isn’t everything, but when a company has proven itself to produce quality materials at affordable prices like Sentrel, it would be foolish not to trust them.


Sentrel Bath Systems provides permanent showers and tubs in wet-wall bathroom appliances for consumers looking for long lasting remodeling products. Modern ingenuity has brought Sentrel to the forefront of the bathroom appliances industry with the company’s signature composite material. Made to replicate natural granite and marble, the composite sentrel san diegothat gives the company its name is designed with digitally imagery and contemporary engineering. But, doesn’t all of this sound expensive? Naturally it does, and so does remodeling your home, but Budget Bath & Kitchen has been able to include Sentrel products in contracts to a wide variety of clients for years, because of affordable pricing options.


Budget Bath & Kitchen doesn’t allow for mistakes. Because of how often bathrooms are used in every home, it is absolutely necessary for installations to be done carefully and with the highest quality products. This avoids breaks, leaks, mold, and any buildup of waste. The best materials create not only the best aesthetic appeal but allow for projects to last years, even decades, and save clients money in the long run because fewer repairs are needed.
Proper plumbing can alleviate unbelievable stress on clients who are looking for longevity in the remodeling projects they spend time and money on. Conversely, poor plumbing can cause tremendous difficulty in a home, and unnecessary costs/damages.


Running headfirst into a remodeling project is never a good idea. Budget Bath & Kitchen highly encourages proper planning and intelligent initial investments on every project, which always leads to satisfying results years after. Vendors such as Sentrel offer products with the permanence that Budget Bath & Kitchen has made an expectation, and clients are always satisfied with their finished job. “Planned Obsolescence” might be a term that consumers are all too often reminded of, but never when dealing with Budget Bath & Kitchen projects. Both Sentrel and Budget Bath & sentrel san diegoKitchen believe that providing a product to a client that is meant to go out of style or be replaced is morally wrong, and socially unacceptable. That is why Sentrel makes only long lasting products with extensive warranties, and RW agrees to install them.
A true respect for the environment is an attribute that Budget Bath & Kitchen looks for in every one of its vendors. This is why Sentrel makes an ideal partner company. Although Budget Bath & Kitchen has a high standard when it comes to protecting the environment, Sentrel passes with flying colors because of it’s dedication to safe and clean production, and limitation of waste. With manufactured composite material, it is often very easy to build up large amounts of excess materials, but Sentrel maintains eco-friendly facilities at all times to protect the environment as much as possible. This quality, and the standard of excellence in Sentrel materials, are reasons why Budget Bath & Kitchen looks forward to years of success in the future.