Both Remodel Works and Budget Bath & Kitchen projects are proud to provide Silestone products to the San Diego country, at affordable prices. Silestone products have acted as one of Budget Bath & Kitchen’s premier vendors for years. The process of installing Silestone products is like any job that Budget Bath & Kitchen completes, and the results always possess the same excellence.


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But what exactly is silestone? The actual material is comprised on nearly 94% natural quartz, and a bacteriostatic protection system, which enable the quartz to be protected from encroaching bacteria buildups within your countertops. This protection gives Silestone longevity and an extra layer of strength against the unavoidable spills, breaks, etc.


In reality, Silestone is a product of the Spain-based company Cosentino, and Budget Bath & Kitchen has specifically chosen Silestone for many of its projects in San Diego because of the unparalleled success and popularity that Silestone has had in the United States. Global innovation from both Cosentino and Silestone has helped Budget Bath & Kitchen expand its inspiration as a company, and given clients and design consultants more options during the design period. Budget Bath & Kitchen takes great pride in their partnership with Silestone. Having a global partner has proven both financially and culturally beneficial to the Budget Bath & Kitchen community, and the customization of Silestone products continually impresses Budget silestone san diegoBath & Kitchen. With such variety in material, color, size, and price, Silestone products can be tailored to fit in almost any Budget Bath & Kitchen contract, and prices of Silestone products range greatly, based mainly on how rare or foreign the materials are.
Environmentally friendly efforts by a partnered company are something that Budget Bath & Kitchen fully expects when in a corporate relationship. With water loss being a massive problem in the San Diego area, Silestone makes sure that it’s custom floor tiles are completely sealed and properly installed so that mold and water pooling will never be an issue.


Budget Bath & Kitchen partners with various kitchen and bathroom stone and tile companies in order to give clients as much variety in pricing, products, and materials as possible. By making sure that their entire staff is fully educated on a vendors and products, Budget Bath & Kitchen can answer any and all questions that potential or current clients may have. Proper education of employees creates more options for customer service, and often better prices for clients. Likewise, this variety creates more opportunity, which often leads to more creative and innovative designs. Although Budget Bath & Kitchen is benefited immensely from the variety of vendors that it works with, each vendor has unique and distinguishing services.


Silestone has been a long time companion to Budget Bath & Kitchen, and a brand that attracts clients who expect quality service and products. Without compromising excellence at any point during the design and installation process, Budget Bath & Kitchen is proud to continue servicing San Diego with the best tile in the country and around the world.