Save Money on Your Remodel

There are alternative materials that will save you money on your remodel that will still look beautiful in your home. One of the reasons many people are hesitant to remodel is the overwhelming cost that is associated with a kitchen or bathroom remodel. A smart way to save money and cut costs while still getting the elegant look you’ve been wanting is to use alternative materials that are a substitute for the more expensive materials such as marble and stone.

Marble is a popular choice for many who want to bring a sophisticated elegance into their home. Marble is perfect for any style and is a sturdy surface that will withstand years of use. The only downfall with the marble used by many contractors is the hefty price tag. At Budget Bath and Kitchen we have solution to your problem, Piedrafina. Piedrafina is a marble alternative material that not only matches the quality of marble but also the beauty. Piedrafina allows us to offer our customers the conventional look and quality of marble while enabling them to create an affordable kitchen or bathroom. We carry Piedrafina in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to suit your remodeling needs.


Save money for your home


Another material that is common in San Diego remodels is stone which can also be expensive, especially if used throughout the entire bathroom. Sentrel is an alternative material to stone or even granite that maintains the same natural, earthy feel without draining your wallet. Sentrel offers customers an alternative material that is well suited for wet areas such as the tub or bathroom. Sentrel is replicated to mimic the desirable look and feel of stone so that it can be substituted without diminishing the style and durability our customers want.


save money


If tile isn’t in your budget, sterling is an excellent alternative material that will leave your kitchen and bathroom looking fresh and clean. Sterling is perfect for those who enjoy the all white look and pairs well with white cabinetry or light accents throughout the room. We highly recommend sterling to those who are looking for a classic kitchen remodel.

While all the alternative materials discussed are great for your bathtubs, counters, and flooring, cabinetry is much different. For cabinetry, we recommend refurbishing or resurfacing which will have your old cabinetsSave money on your home looking like new in no time. Refurbishing your cabinetry allows you to save money on your kitchen or bathroom remodel by bringing you added value by simply improving upon the cabinetry you already have. This cuts costs on ordering new cabinetry and installation.


At Budget Bath and Kitchen we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable job. Budget Bath and Kitchen is San Diego’s leading budget remodeling company that strives to give our customers everything they want in their kitchen or bathroom remodel without going into debt. Budget Bath and Kitchen is a family owned and operated company that was founded to bring San Diego residents a remodeling company they can rely on for all of their home improvement needs. We have taken the time to research the best alternative materials that will save you money on your remodel so that we can provide our customers with the best options possible to ensure they end up with end up with a kitchen or bathroom remodel they will be happy with for years to come. Budget Bath and Kitchen is the San Diego remodeling company that can guarantee both affordability and quality that will you will be excited to show off to friends and neighbors.