Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends

According to 2015 Cost Vs. Value Report, carried out by Remodeling magazine and Realtor magazine, kitchen remodels are among the top home improvements that will give you bang for the buck if you ever decide to sell your home. Another thing the report says is that lower-cost projects recoup more.

Here is a list of hot trends that can improve your kitchen’s functionality, enhance the aesthetics and increase the resell value of your place.

Environmentally friendly upgrades

Around one half of homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel say they are interested in making their kitchen “greener”.

These features include eco-friendly building materials (e.g. without VOCs), using more natural materials like glass and wood instead of plastic for kitchenware, and of course, getting appliances with energy stars.

Professional-range features

Homeowners seem to be dreaming of having really cool, professional stoves like a flat griddle one or one that allows a wok.

Other cooking bells and whistles such as convection ovens, warming drawers, induction cooktops and wine refrigerators appear to have fallen out of fashion.

Tile backsplashes

Tiles top the wish list for backsplashes, while other materials like marble and stone slabs are way below. Tiles allow homeowners to be color-creative, because that’s not such a prominent place. But, the tricky thing is backsplashes are like a date stamp, so they should be wisely chosen.

Granite countertops

Yes, granite is still the king. Countertops seem to be the one thing all homeowners wish to change when they decide to do remodeling. Another popular material is quartz. Marble and tile are left behind.

Quartz is actually a very forgiving and low-maintenance material, which is why it’s gaining in popularity. It’s not prone to staining nor scratching and you don’t have to be particularly careful about what you can put on it.


Islands can be very attractive if the kitchen has enough room and the configuration is suitable. An island only works if it’s functional, makes people get together and gives them space to be creative in the kitchen. It’s completely wrong if it limits the movement and traffic or blocks certain parts.

White cabinetry

Yeah, clean and crisp white is back. It brings light into kitchen and inspires it with beauty and elegance. We’re not talking just snow-white, but off-white as well.


Some say gray is the new beige. They have rocketed in popularity over the past years – not really sterile grays, but more earthy shades.

Stainless steel

The majority of homeowners go for stainless steel appliances still. It fits in with the minimal functional look. It’s also trendy to integrate appliances into cabinetry, while the least popular option is to have white or color appliances.

Hardwood floors

Back to the nature is the choice for floors, but tiles are second in the ranking. However, linoleum and concrete have completely fallen from grace.

Transitional style

If you opt for a mixture of old and modern, you’ll be in fashion for time to come. This trend has only continued to gain traction.

Any moral?

People want functional, clean and easy kitchens.

While it is true you are doing the remodeling according to you taste, keep in mind that you should be forward thinking. Be flexible to your conditions and keep in mind that you might want to stop living there one day, so the remodeling is also for that future. And always carefully assess whether trends work for you – otherwise they’ll give you more headache than reward.

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